Cock/Ball Electro

Pubic Enemy

The Pubic Enemy No 1 is our neat and transparent cock cage with e-stim function: He lets you keep a boisterous willy pent up under lock and key so that he can't get stiff until the mistress, or the master, comes with the key and lets him out. With the conducting surfaces, left and right, the prisoner can be treated to your heart's content with tingles, twitches or pulsations in precisely the intensity he deserves.

Because his conductive surfaces can be taken out in no time at all, our chastity belt for wayward gentlemen is perfect even for those who haven’t yet discovered e-stim. And if a prisoner gets too cocky later, the conductivity can easily be restored.


Plunging Pete

For the fancy: Plunging Pete is a bipolar corona strap with a 24K gold-plated urethral sound (Ø 4 mm, 35 mm long) flanked by two golden balls, which serve to create an extremely concentrated, tingling or pulsating stimulation – because, where the gold touches the skin, the stimulation is bundled, making it particularly intense.

Plunging Pete consists of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone and is continuously adjustable in size.


Cock Shock

Die 4 Elektrodenringe können ganz einfach auf deinen Penis angepasst werden.

Dieses preiswerte und dennoch effektive Gerät hat 9 verschiedene Stufen und 4 verschiedene Programme.

(Es hat uns fertig gemacht...)


Electric Cockring

These Blackstore Cock Ring electrodes are made of clear acrylic and have two metallic nickel conducting strips, covering almost half of the inside surface. They are designed to go around the cock and balls, and deliver intense sensations to that particularly sensitive area. The cock rings can also be used around the balls, or higher up on the penis, depending on the diameter. (The small 1.25" (30mm) ring would fit higher up on the shaft of the penis on most men.)


Urethral Vibrator

with super vibration
The urethral sound that vibrates! Just one little "AAA battery" and you are ready for the ride of your life! The full length is just over 7 inches (190mm) , of which the "insertable" length is about 4.25 inches (105mm) and is approximately .25 inches (7mm) wide. The thumbscrew on the end rotates to turn the vibrator on and off and can vary the vibration a bit, too! It packs quite a z-z-z-zing for the ol' ding-a-ling!!

… if you‘re into CBT it's mind-blowing !!!!


If you have other cock toys and want to try the next level of play and erotic stimulation, try this!

Dual Contact Electro Scrotum Parachute: This is a soft pliable rubber parachute that sends tingling sensations over the entire area of the covered skin. It doesn't weigh your balls down like our standard Parachute Ball Stretchers, but with the power box (Blackstore SexBox) on, it can get your attention in another way. Straps on with two leather buckling straps. We recommend our Electrode Gel to make sure there is a firm contact between the electrodes and the balls. Includes a lead wire with positive/negative pins.


Simply put your cock and balls on the board and instantly see your cock enjoing the vibrating current.
See your sub tied on the bed and you fix the board on his testicles. Both of you will enjoy that!

Electro cock collar with spikes

Handmade, with conductive spikes.


Electric Urethral Insert - Prince's Wand

Handcrafted by the Folsom Electric Company for Blackstore Team, this Urethral Insert Electrode is designed for use just inside the shaft of the penis. This chrome plated brass electrode is 1/4" (6mm) in diameter and 3" (75mm)long. It weights approximately 1oz (30gr). There is a wire lead from one of the rounded ends which is about 4" long and ends with an inline banana jack.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a single-electrode device (monopolar). Another single-electrode device (or dual-electrode type with "Y" adapter) is required for use.


Electro Cocktoy

soft black leather 2-way, works with all our devices

Electro Cockband

made of black soft leather, 2-pole

Electro Twins

made of black soft leather, 2-pole

Elektro Cockring

Von HART bis ZART - für stahlharte Power-Erektionen und schmutzige Elektro-Stimulanz: Mit diesen ultimativen Penisringen geniesst Du- dank Blutsau-Effekt - härteste Erektionen, während du gleichzeitig unvorstellbar geil durch den Reizstrom stimuliert wirst.

Dieses 2-polige Zubehör zu unseren Reizstromgeräten und Puls-Generatoren zur gezielten Stimulation der Peniswurzel und des Schafts ist aus Acryl gegossen und auf der Innenseite mit einer elektrisch leitenden Fläche versehen.

Der Cockring sollte sich eng um den Penisschaft bzw. Penis schliessen, sodass ein ausreichender Körperkontakt hergestellt ist. Besonders empfehlenswert ist es, gleichzeitig mehrere unserer Elektro-Cockringe zu benutzen. Die Abbildung zeigt 3 der Elektro-Cockringe im Einsatz (40 mm, 45 mm und 50 mm).

Blackstore Tipp: Wie finde ich meine Grösse? Nimm ein Band und lege es um deinen erigierten Penis an der Peniswurzel. Dann kannst du den Durchmesser des Bandes messen, das ergibt deine Grösse.

Verschiedene Grössen lieferbar. Grösse dieser Ausführung 45mm Innendurchmesser.


CockCap XL

Made in the USA from pure stainless-steel for durability and superior conductivity. New extra large size (XL) for guys having a fuller cock shaft and/or head.

Features rugged stainless-steel fittings for easy and reliable connection to our ErosTek Power Units. The CockCap produces a strong sucking sensation around the entire cockhead which has made it possible for many to cum without stroking. A Hands-Free Orgasm is possible using this electrode. It's an amazing feeling. You can stroke along with the e-stim if you want

CockCap XL

2.1" open end

1.0" top end

1.3" overall length

Package includes:

(1) CockCap XL stainless-steel electrode

(1) CockCap snap to banana adapters

(2) Rubber tubes for securing condom

(6) High-quaility latex-free condoms

Note: This electrode is monopolar. It must be used with another electrode to complete an electrical circuit. I personally use it with the ECup, however, you can use any monopolar electrode you like to achieve a new set of erotic sensations.