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The king of bondage

It was the holidays. I was finally able to leave my everyday work behind and I had no engagements in the weeks to come. Just chill out and enjoy. Motorcycling and savouring life.
The sun brushed my nose. A beautiful morning waited for me to awake and seize it. My mobile rang… hmm… I knew this ringtone… my body reacted with a cold shiver right away.
“Get your bike and be in the industrial area in 30 minutes” said a slightly distorted, unknown voice. I already knew the address from before.
It was inevitable. I had to comply. I was aware of the consequences for not obeying. I gathered my most important things, slipped into my one piece Rebellion bike leather suit with inner rubber lining and got on my Ducati Panigale. The engine roared and the next shiver went down my spine. My thoughts started spinning. I kept thinking about what might await me. Why was I ordered to travel by bike??
Looking through the two eye holes of the rubber mask I was wearing under my helmet, I could see a building with a half-open gate at the end of the deserted industry road. Cold sweat ran down my body underneath the bike suit. The toe socks started to get wet. The boots sat tight around my shanks. A claustrophobic sensation shook my body. Should I really go in? I couldn’t see anything from outside. Who and what was hiding there in the dark? I lacked confidence… Fear manifested itself in my thoughts. —- Curiosity won. I eased off the clutch and slowly drove into the darkness. My Ducati’s light beam cut a swath into the darkness of the hall. The gate closed behind me and locked me inside an unknown world. I could see the outlines of a giant cube at the end of the room. My body started shaking and it became clear: I won’t get out of here. The cube had a lattice gate that was open a crack and red light was shimmering from inside. I got off the bike and activated the GPS transmitter. This was my only chance of being located by my top, should I go missing.
I tentatively approached the gate and walked into the room. It reminded me of a cell. Darkness and silence perfused my senses. I detected a strong, sweet smell. A few seconds later I felt my strength fade. I fell on my knees and then to the side. My helmet hit the soft, rubbery floor. My senses faded more and more. A light approached and I heard a voice from far away saying “we have him!” - One last gasp - I felt a boot in my back, roughly pushing me to the ground. My hands were tied behind my back with thick zip ties. Then it all went silent and black.
I felt strong pressure on my eyes. I couldn’t open them. The mouth was sealed - I couldn’t move my lips. A thick round object filled my mouth - I couldn’t speak. My arms and legs felt straightened and stiff - I couldn’t bend them. My neck was extremely stretched - I couldn’t turn my head. My hands forced to fists and encased in something extremely tight - I couldn’t move my fingers. My ears were filled with a liquid. A thick long plug buried itself into my intestines. With every little attempt of moving, it painfully pushed itself deeper into my body.
MMMMPF!!!!! I panted into the gag in panic. What had happened to me? Again I noticed that sweet smell which took me from this situation into daze.
The pressure on my eyes came back. Now I knew: This was no dream. I was anaesthetised and restrained into something and was suspended. No chance… The sweet smelling substance was undoubtedly chloroform and someone used it to take my will.
“So - you’ve accustomed yourself to your new life!” The voice was inside of me. It definitely did not come from outside. “You will be at our disposal as a sex object in the time to come - this is your waiting position. Any attempt of freeing yourself is futile!”. The sweet smell came back.
 Something was different when I came to my senses again. I felt the same but was under the impression of hovering horizontally. My mouth was free! The dildo was smaller, soft and warm. The moment I was gonna call for help, someone rammed his stiff cock into my mouth and pushed my head into his crotch. I choked and coughed but he wouldn’t let go. At the same time I realised that the object inside my ass was also of flesh and blood and it was moving inside of me fast, hard and rhythmical. Sperm flooded my mouth and I couldn’t breathe. I swallowed fiercely and struggled as hard as I could. There was pouting and moaning at my ass and another load of cum shot into me. Hopefully no unprotected sex!!! At that moment a hose gag found its way into my mouth. A plug sealed my ass and electricity ran through my body. “Drink!” ordered the voice
inside me. Finally some liquids… a squidgy substance ran through the hose of the gag. “This will be your only food and liquid for the time to come!” It was sperm from the top’s condom who fucked me. It disgusted me but I had to swallow it or else breathing would be blocked. I resisted nonetheless. A strong electric current made me scream and open my mouth so the “food” found its way down my throat.
Again and again I was getting fucked in my mouth and my ass. Time seized to exist. The restraints were left in place permanently. What could this be? What unknown gear was I put into? Sometimes I hung vertically, sometimes horizontally, even upside down at times. It also felt like I was standing in something but were suspended at the same time. And movement was not at all possible. I had already resigned myself to this hopeless situation. I could merely wait and see what was gonna happen to me. The mind movie began rolling and my senses started scanning: I was still wearing the leather suit and my boots. I could clearly feel cuffs over my ankles, below and above my knees and on my thighs. My hands must’ve been inside some sort of dog paws and were apparently secured to the thigh restraints. I became clear that it was all connected. That was the only way of reducing my mobility so strongly. Two thick torso belts blocked my upper body. The neck brace was directly attached with buckles. I knew the muzzle from sessions I had before. But this time it adapted to the neck brace.
I tried to imagine what I looked like. How others would see me. The thought aroused me. It was a special kind of feeling. This mix of fear, hopelessness and the horniness of the gear released waves of pain and lust, the sum of which brought me to an orgasm. My body twitched heavily and shot a huge load into my bike suit. Soon after I realised that some liquid ran into my mouth. It tasted of sperm…
The sweet smell came back and sent me off to the unknown. I came to soon after. Helmet and gloves had been put on me. Crouched, I lay on the floor. No restraints. I was able to open my eyes and recognised my Ducati next to me. The headlight pointed towards the gate. I felt like I was being watched. I slowly climbed on my bike, started the engine and rode into freedom. It was pitch-dark night outside. Once I reached home, the only thing I wanted was a proper clean up and sleep. It was then when I realised that this wasn’t the end of the story. All zippers were locked. Just like the helmet. Only the crotch zip of my bike suit wasn’t locked. I could see blocked chastity cage that ran through the crotch and held a plug firmly in its place… My cock was locked into an anatomical steel prison and a long steel rod blocked my urethra.
They had forced me to go back…




Here it is: The ultimate and uncompromising long term full body suspension harness.
You stand in it even though you’re suspended. That’s what makes it applicable for long term sessions. Endless suspension variations and combinations are at your disposal. It can be adapted and adjusted to pretty much any body size.
All restraints and belts are connected to each other and spread the pressure evenly over the whole body.
Immobility from head to toe is guaranteed. Ideal for the top: you can still easily reach all important parts of your victim :)
This is a high end product and may take up to 30 weeks delivery as every component is being produced with precision craftsmanship. Only the most durable and strong leather is being used. All metal fittings are next to indestructible. All parts are padded, are rounded by means of edge flaps and are fitted with soft leather on the inside.
Once you own this you will never give it away…