Erostek ET-312B - BLACKSTORE edition

ET-312B black
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tuned !!

legendary - spectacular - earthquaking.

black- more power - more programs

  • BLACK- now in a beautiful color 
  • more power - we did  a huge modification. all connectors, cables and regulators have been replaced by high end parts because they went out of order quickly
  • more programs - we added six powerful orgasm programs


Whether you've been into electrostim for awhile or are just getting started, there is something to be said about having the best and safest equipment. Until now, there was no single device that offered the power, safety, and ease-of use of the ET312B. American designed and crafted. Not a repackaged TENS unit or signal generator. This instrument is the result of over 3,000 hours of focused design effort, with one single end in mind…
E-Stim Excellence!

There are power units that sell for less, but none of them offer 18 pre-programmed modes -- each designed by an experienced e-stim master to provide a variety of sensations all under computer contol without continuous knob twiddling. Each routine can be quickly selected on the bright, backlit display using 2 pushbuttons. Once selected, the tempo and frequency are easily adjusted using a single "MultiAdjust" knob, not two or more on other power units. And the intensity level is easily adjusted using separate knobs for channels "A" and "B" with the current levels clearly displayed at all times.
Powerful yet Precise

The ET312B is powerful yet precise. Feature-rich and intuitively easy to use. There is no other power unit like the ET312 anywhere. Mention the ET312 to anyone into e-stim. They'll know what you're talking about.

I use both the ET312B and ET232 units a few times a week and have had some amazing sessions over the years. If the price or features seem too much, I suggest the ET232 which has many of the features found in the ET312B in a smaller and more affordable package.
Unique Features:

    Built-in rechargeable high-capacity battery for up to 24 hours of non-stop stimulation... you'll probably need sleep before it does!
    18 built-in routines including waves, intense, random, and 3 audio modes.
    Up to 6 user-selectable routines can be added using the optional ErosLink software.
    Full Stereo Audio modes allow audio based stimulation from mono and stereo sources (including SmartStim and Phaser waveforms). Included microphone turns ambient sounds, music, or your voice into stimulation. Also works with your computer, iPod, CD player or any other stereo playback device using included stereo cable.
    Measures 8.0" x 6.5" x 2.5" and weighs 4 pounds
    Easy-to-read Backlit LCD displays current mode and output settings for channels A and B even in the dark.
    Multiple Power Settings: 3 power ranges allow a finer adjustment of output level, from mild to wild!
    Microprocessor-based sessions allow hands-free stimulation. The end of monotony!
    Unique Tri-Phase output creates a third stimulus waveform between channels A and B for even more variety and creative electrode placements... see our TriPhase Adapter for more information.
    2 sets of 52" long leadwires with factory molded 4mm banana plugs
    Bananas to Pins Adapters available for TENS / 2mm accessories
    1-Year ErosTek Warranty
    100 - 240VAC autoswitching AC adapter includes plugs for USA/Canada, EU and UK. Lightweight and ideal for travel. Can be used in other countries with a simple mains plug adapter.
    With built-in sealed lead acid battery for hours of portable use.