the perfect rubberboy outfit

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Ever since we have offered this erotic and very horny outfit our customers have been swamping us with inquiries about this awesome suit. 

Now since we donĀ“t want you to wait forever upon your order of this suit due in part the time it takes to produce a custom fit to your body.

In order to get the really skintight and perfect visual look that you desire, use our supplied measurement sheet, upon receipt of the sheet you should fill all the requested measurements in with a person who can help measure you so there can be no mistake in making the perfect suit for your unique body shape and size.

We can tell you when you wear this rubber suit any event you may be in, whether it is between you and your partner or a competition with many others that you will win top prize. Our President over all of Blackstore and the boss from were very surprised at a fetish event at the Libertine in Innsbruck, they  had won awards for Best Costume, 1st place went to the boss of while 2nd went to the President of the company.

The most basic options are:

  • black rubber suit, rubber suit, extension up the neck, in either 0.9mm (0.035") or 1.2mm (0.047") rubber, 2 shoulder zippers, 2 breast zippers (can be deleted), and a crotch zipper. 

It may be possible to also customize a suit to any color other than the ones listed in the drop-down menus so feel free to ask if its possible.

DAMN -- this makes me horny just writing the description....

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