one day at Blackstore

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There are always customers and users from Gayromeo, and other sites who ask us, if testing of our horny gear is possible

Only until this year our houseslaves and models could do this.....

look at our model  "rubngum" at Gayromeo

But now everyone has the chance, be warned though this is not like a test drive....

You will get the ultimate invitation to test our most bizarre gear, which you always wanted to wear, to feel and to smell.

You will book a meeting and we do all for your satisfaction.

watch some adventure on "rubngum's" website

During a privat discussion you can tell us your wishes and fantasies and we will try to develop your day.

NEW !! Now you can book two days in one row! We have two playhouses at different locations. This enables more possibilities ... bondage transports, kidnapping and many more scenarios...

Tell us your fantasies!

Be warned - we are able to turn your trip into a incredible adventure.

Our power:

  • Planning your day
  • Enabling a view into Blackstore's world 
  • Testing gear: Rubber, Leather, Lycra, Neoprene, Sportsgear like Racingsuits- or Lugesuits, Pilotgear, Onepiece Leathers, Diving gear and a lot more
  • Testing masks: Rubbermasks, Helmets, Bondagemasks
  • Enjoy Bondage: Bounding, Gagging, Bondage furniture
  • Testing furniture: Cages, Bondageboards, Slings, Treatment Tables, Cross, Fucking Furniture
  • Stimulation: Electro, Toys, Vibrators, Fuckingmachines
  • also oral and anal playing possible

You will get a DVD with pictures and short High Definition movies showing your Blackstore adventure.

And if you would like to ... you can book a Bed & Breakfast with rubngum as well :)

Please note: you must be at MOST the measurements below :) our demo gear is only available in this size:)

Maximum height 185cm, maximum weight  85kg. Helmet Size S/M untill M, Boot Size max. 43, Standard Clothing Size S or 48EU/38 US.