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It looks so horny and hurts so much!

WHOA!!! What an evil bondage piece!!! - There might be nothing which will bring you more down on your knees. If you are stuck in this harness, you won´t laugh anymore.
It posesses you! Limits you everywhere! The more you struggle against it, it forces you into the bend over "fuck-me-position".
Your top just needs a bit patience and he will have a ducked, moaning toy in front of him.

The harness includes a broad belt with 3 attached lockable buckles. On the left and right there are stabile upperarm cuffs attached, which tie your arms to the waistbelt without
a possibility to escape.
Around the thighs you wear indestructable cuffs, on which leathermittens for the hands, detachable by two buckles, are mounted. The anatomical formed leathermittens can also be used single and are
lockable with wrist cuffs.
The thigh cuffs are connected with the waist belt in the front and in the back.
Either with the provided carabiners or the provided leather straps. Additional they can be linked together between the legs.

The awesome piece is constucted, that you will be in a slightly bend over position and the harness will pull you into the front without mercy. Of course the top can speed up that process by simply tightening the belts.

All components are made of multilayered, extreme robust leathers. Without disturbing brims and edges. Perfectly sewed and made for eternity.

Four sizes available: S, M, L, XL

For the optimal result please add your waist and thigh size.

Claudio´s suggestion:

Combine the set additional with the broad Rebellion Collar and also the other Rebellion parts, until you enjoy the, like always, absolute non-escapeable whole body bondage.
All Rebellion products are compatibel with each other and can be connected.

Well then: There will be somebody who has fun :)

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