Penis Plug "Cum Control"

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Do you only want to be able to come when you are allowed to? Then “Cum Control” is just the thing for you.

For forced control of orgasm, we offer our new “Cum Control Penis Plug".

We manufacture our “Cum Control Penis Plug" for the most sensitive male opening, for insertion into your penis. We have equipped our penis plug with a ball head to prevent it from being inserted too deeply

This CNC-machined, aerospace-grade stainless steel penis plug allows very gradual insertion and is therefore suitable for users that are not so experienced. The slender, slightly conical form and its optimum length of 7 cm (insertable length) ensure that the “Cum Control Penis Plug" stays put even under the harshest conditions.

Diameter 8 mm, total length 82 mm, insertable length 70 mm.
Diameter 1/3 inch, total length 3 1/5 inch, insertable length 2 3/4 inch