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This will really turn you on and, naturally, can also be worn during the day under normal, everyday clothing.

Only Blackstore can do this: The perfidious / perverse combination of prince’s wand, glans rings, and our “Little-Fucker”

We have developed our proven product “Tom’s Prince’s Wand with Glans Rings” further and optimized it for you.

The “Day/Nightl” model is a special prince’s wand for the unpierced cock – naturally only for ex-tremely submissive CBT-slaves!

The perverse basis for this product is a 7.5 cm (3inch) long, carefully crafted stainless steel rod with a conical point and a diameter of 8 mm (1/3inch). In contrast to conventional prince’s wands, this one is attached by means of a removable glans ring. The unique characteristic of this new design is the offset shackle, which connects the glans ring and wand. This provides space for a fine hole completely through the prince’s wand, which allows the wearer to urinate and ejaculate. Just large enough that this is possible with a little effort and a bit of torture. This makes the orgasm or peeing a unique, much more intensive experience (naturally, the active participant can also plug the hole ;-)

Two glans rings, with diameter 25mm (1") and 30mm (1 1/5") are included in the delivery.

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