Bladder balloon catheter

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Of all of the insertables here, the catheters offer a special sort of control game for the BDSM scene. There is no control over the urinary function: if the catheter is left open, the bladder will drain completely and continue to drain as more urine is produced by the body.

Sterile packaging bladder balloon catheter. Available in various sizes. Blackstore-standard sizes CH 12 to CH 26 (1 CH = 0.33 mm). For example: CH 14 = 14 x 0.33 mm = 4.62 mm diameter. Blackstore recommends CH14!

The catheter with clear advantages:
* The catheter is silicon-coated; inside and out
* 2-component construction, pure latex inside, pure silicon outside
* Sterile packaging in a peel-pack (pack of 10 catheters)