Dual Shock Collar

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Education in its most efficient form.

Mindless... that is not just a word. It is program. And this toy is the training tool to force this state.

Experience how your slave obeys uncompromisingly. Train him! Make him mindless!

The lockable rubber collar can be equipped with waterproof, rechargeable electric shock devices. They are controlled by a handy radio remote control within 300 meters. You can trigger either an acoustic signal, a vibration or electric impulses. These can be set individually from level 1-100. The devices are interchangeable and each is secured with a lock. This ensures that your slave cannot take them off.

The collar is available in two sizes.

  • Grösse 33 for a neck circumference of 33-42cm
  • Grösse 36 for a neck circumference of 36-45cm

Made with strong industrial rubber