Latex by the meter

Latex duvet cover

with press studs.
Size: 130x180 cm. Latex thickness: 0,35 mm


Pillow case

80 cm x 80 cm



Latex bed sheet

without any seams
Size: 200x230cm, latex thickness: 0,35mm

In black


Latex sheet, 2 x 2,50 m

bedsheet made of latex. Size 2.00 m x 2.50 m

Latex sold by meter

red, black or other colors, please ask for your favorite color.

And also for the thickness and width.

Price per meter.

Latex sheet samples


Latex stripes

Different colors, thicknesses and widths

Price per meter


Latex tubes

Black or transparent

Price per meter

Playsheet made of vinyl

These play sheets are very hot and versatile. Perfect for the butt pirates and the grease monkeys!

The sheets are finished large enough to tuck around all four sides of a mattress. Every playbed should have one.

Size: 200 x 230 cm

Make a big friggin MESS and you don’t hafta worry. These sheets NEVER leak! When your play is over, just toss ‘em into the washing machine and dryer (on low heat). You’re cleaned up in record time and ready for more! Soft and comfortable, the Play Sheet is big enough to cover a queen size bed. The width is 75 inches and length is 80 inches in pervy basic Black. Made of a specially treated VINYL, one side is smooth and shiny, the other side is textured. All for an unbelievable price!

Laken aus Latex

Bettlaken aus Latex. Größe 2.00 m x 2.00 m. Weitere Farben, sowie Laken mit anderen Maßen fragen Sie bitte bei uns an.

MEGA SALE SexMax WetGames Laken

180 x 220 cm

while stocks last!


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