Electrical fuck chair

This chair combines a fucking machine, an electrical chair and a bondage chair. All that in a sensational design that is an intimidating, functional, sinister cousin to a kings throne. 
Built in the seat is a fucking machine with an infinately adjustable remote control for the right rhythm (dildos are exchangable). Also conductive plates are built in the seat. All stimulation devices can be used (stimulation devices need to be ordered seperately).
The restraint belts are included. Arm rests are removeable.

Also available in the MKII version (additional costs) where the back rest is reclineable. That way you get a lying position and the fucking machine can be adjusted that the victim can be fu*** also while lying flat. The leg rests can be swinged to the outside then.  

Generally valid for all our SM-furniture : Different measurements, wishes and ideas etc. can be fulfilled, just don´t hesitate to ask if not listed up here.



This phenomenal construction looks futuristic and offers numerous possibilities. After the sub kneels down on this device, hands, feet and neck can be restraint in the length adjustable steelcuffs which pivot so it is quite comfy. After that the fucking machine is set electronically to the perfect height and moved to the right position where the fixing of it happens with the locking levers.

And the biggest highlight is:

At the push of a button on the remote control the whole construction including fucking machine is lifted up due to the powerful worm gear motor and declines in about an 45° angle to the front that the victim feels totally helpless. After he is at the point the powerful electrical fucking machine is switched on and off easily with a remote control. The speed adjustment is on the device.

Different dildos can be assembled which only need to be of a M8 thread version and you can order also from us.


Facesitting Box

Doesn´t only have a horny look, it IS horny...

This box made of aluminium serves one purpose: the DOM should sit in a comfortable way...and that on YOUR face. Once the head is locked you won´t be able to turn it nor pull it out... don´t even think about struggling with your hands, those are restrained on the side eyelets. 2 quick locks avoid that you can open the lid. But don´t worry, inside and outside it is comfy padded that you might be able to be a part of the box for a longer time...

But the box can also be used as toilet seat :-)

Other measurerments, special wishes or ideas welcome and no problem.

Ball catcher

"Small but nice" - This is the only correct description for this mini furniture. Although you are not restrained too heavily this meany little piece works very efficiently (check the big picture).

No household should miss it.


Restraint seat with detachable spikey board

Perfectly designed for your private torture chamber is this restraint seat which allows you to attach or detach a mean spikey board

Hanging board

Padded hanging board with leather loops and hanging chains which are included. Welded metalfixture. Dimensions: 54 x 5 x 95 cm

Hanging Chastity Rack, padded

Horny padded hanging chastity rack with detachable dildo and loops. Metal construction with high load capacity.

Bondage Trolley

Functional bondage-optimizer on wheels and detachable. High craftsmanship. Head rest infinitely reclineable. Different accessories available on request.

Dr. Sado Cock and Ball Pillory

The Cock and Ball Pillory STILLGESTANDEN (Stand still) : Keep Your Slave Upright With This Ingenious Steel Restraint.

The pillory was a punishment tool in the form of a column, a platform, or a wooden post, to which the punished person was shackled and publicly exhibited. Initially a tool of torture and a place for corporal punishment, the pillory was used widely after the 13th century for carrying out various punishments.

In our contemporary, modern version, the feet are shackled, AS WELL AS the cock and balls. We find this to be an extremely effective combination.

Made of solid steel, stable and yet portable (can especially be stowed discreetly), the height of the leg restraints can be adjusted and they can naturally be locked. The height of the penis-testicle restraint (which can also be used as a crusher, if desired) can also be regulated.

The pressure of the penis-testicle restraint can be easily, yet precisely set by means of practical eyebolts. The merciless mistress or the relentless master will naturally also restrain the hands of the delinquent behind his back – for example with the lockable version of the proven Blackstore leather hand restraints. Please do not leave the restrained and exhibited slave unattended.

Summary: Mobile slave pillory by Blackstore, fits all body sizes, as the height is adjustable, made of steel, with base plate (30 x 30 cm = 12 x 12 inch), including lockable leg restraints and effective penis-testicle restraint, which can also be used as a Cock&Ball crusher (suitable for CBT).

Turning table

This turntable we built in a mini series. It is characteristic for very useful features:

  • It can be put apart very small and fast and finds its place in a wardobe/closet or under a bed. Surprise your visitor!
  • The elaborate turning mechanism allows a rotation of your restrained victim for nearly 360 degree angle. The best feature: Due to a hydraulic spring boarded balljoint you don´t need a lot of efford to turn the table.
  • The attached straps and eyelets offer you to tie down your object from head to toe and it gives you joy to use it.

Toilet Box

Toilett box made of high-pressure-glued fibre board, water- and chemical resistant special varnish (slightly shimmering). Padded seat area which can be folded upwards (the DOM sits like on clouds)
The box can be rinsed out easily with water.

Height about 45cm, width 45x45cm.

Other dimensions and custom made optoins on request


Piss Filling Station

What do we need to explain here except that the torso can be restrained here fully using thigh cuffs and leather belts on that 140 cm long padded board. The hands are tied to the eyelets on the sides and the funnel which is placed over the head allows dosing drop by drop ;-)

Generally valid for all our SM-furniture : Different measurements, wishes (here in example on standing legs) and ideas etc. can be fulfilled, just don´t hesitate to ask if not listed up here.