Ultra Chair

Who wouldn´t want to volunteer to sit on this ... positionable steel cuffs for feet, upper arms, wrists and neck restrain you on this chair. The arm rests are also height- and length adjustable. The additional leathers straps take care of the rest.

Of course all cuffs are pivotable and adjust themselves to the bodys position. So also long sessions are no problem. Because the chair is very tall the victim cannot touch the ground and feels totally helpless. Height adjustable foot rests provide a measure of comfort. Due to the geometry of the chair you sit with legs spread apart and await what comes.

Conductive plates built into the seat which support electric stimulation devices provide a bit of distraction while you wait. And for those who talk too much the height adjustable gag fixture will shut you up. The ones who like it a bit more wet, the NS- funnel can be added and the sub can be filled without the possibility to escape. (seperate option) 

And if you become tired, simply recline the chair and the gained lying position invites the top for further experiments. (as option available)

The chair has a receiver for our fucking machine which can be added later (please see also options)

Talk to us about your wishes because this chair can be modified with so many options we can´t list them all here. The price is valid for the model like in the picture shown.


Electrical fuck chair

This chair combines a fucking machine, an electrical chair and a bondage chair. All that in a sensational design that is an intimidating, functional, sinister cousin to a kings throne. 
Built in the seat is a fucking machine with an infinately adjustable remote control for the right rhythm (dildos are exchangable). Also conductive plates are built in the seat. All stimulation devices can be used (stimulation devices need to be ordered seperately).
The restraint belts are included. Arm rests are removeable.

Also available in the MKII version (additional costs) where the back rest is reclineable. That way you get a lying position and the fucking machine can be adjusted that the victim can be fu*** also while lying flat. The leg rests can be swinged to the outside then.  

Generally valid for all our SM-furniture : Different measurements, wishes and ideas etc. can be fulfilled, just don´t hesitate to ask if not listed up here.


Double pedestal for a throne

Double pedestal for our domina / master throne. (Throne ordered seperately, part no. P1226). Measuerments: 180 x 30 x 126 cm.


Candle holder for pedestal


Slave Chair

Cussioned slave chair in high craftsmanship. Adjustable neck collar and attached dildo.

Single Confession Booth

Bring back the memories of the acolyte or priest times :-) ...

Single confession booth in elaborate craftsmanship. Classical design with carpet. Measurements: 100 x 210 x 90 cm.


Double Confession Booth

The same as the single version, just two booths attached. A valuable accessory for advanced roleplay. Carpet included. Measurements: 165 x 205 x 82 cm.

Bondage Chair

Perfectly planned to the very least detail, a  superlative bondage-furniture!

A solid and handcrafted construction geniously planned and conversed. An absolute high quality manufacture. Completely equipped like in the pictures shown including handcrafted feet cuffs made of stainless steel, two pairs of Clejuso handcuffs which are additionally padded, an easy to operate hydraulic assisted height adjustment of the seat, individual adjustable lumbar support, soft padded areas, non-slip grips, fully functional gynecological version, leg rests which are moveable into all directions and a height adjustable neck cussion.

With this all-in-one bondage-chair all fantasies become true, because the Blackstore bondage-chair is an all purpose device:

- Gynecological chair (spreads to the maximum)
- Bondage furniture (totally restraint and at the mercy of somebody else)
- Spanking bench (tied down and presenting the butt)

We have been thinking also for the active people. Foot rests in all thinkable positions provide a comfort for the master to take the sub anal, vaginal and orally or put himself into a nice rimming position.


Throne for Masters and Dominas

Perfect for furnishing a studio or the hobby dungeon.

Made with high craftsmanship, a masterpiece of a throne. Measurements: 93 x 165 x 75 cm.

We suggest here:

Double pedestal for thrones
Candle holder for thrones