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Tit Torture Tool

This deliciously painful Clamp provides the ultimate in nipple torture.

MEGA SALE Foreceps clamps

These forceps called Super Clamps are easily adjustable. These are like medical forceps, used for holding the tongue, so they are not going to slip off your nipples. Long handles. Note: These are sold individually Not in pairs. For a pair you will need to add a second one to your order.

while stocks last!


Nipple Torture extreme

One of the finest products of this kind on the market. A product with MEO-orgasm guarantee! The small rubber rings are stretched over the nipple. Blood flow is temporarily stopped numbing the area. When the ring is removed the returning blood flow creates an ever slowly increasing threshold of pain. Your nipples stiff and are more sensitive than ever for any kind of pleasure onslaught! Extraordinary sensitivity to the touch is created.

Use with caution.

Please order rings separately.

Rubber rings for Nipple torture extreme

10 rubber rings for your nipples.


Extreme Tit Press

Female breast compression device. Bars: 10 mm x 460 mm.

Screws 155 mm long.

Play safe with this device!!!!
The very last one! - 25 %

Nipple whirls

Nipple Whirls are adornments that are also fun, and will offer some amazing visual consequences. They are to be used with a long barbell, that passes though the piercing and the Spiral. Turning the Whirl will locate the barbell up higher, and thus extending the nipple.


Nipple trainers

Please be very, very careful with this new Blackstore device. Do not overstretch! Do not tear the flesh! Blackstore's Tit Trainers allow for the spectacular elongation of pierced nipples (either temporary or permanent). Each kit komprises of 1 back plate, front plates, a locating bar and 4 screws. Method of Operation: The wearers nipple jewellry is removed. The back plate (with 4 concave dimples) is placed against the chest and over the nipple, with the dimples facing forward. The top plate is then placed on the top of the back plate, the four holes on the top in allignment with the four dimples. The locating bar is then passed through the piercing, and sits in the recessed channel on the top plate. The four screws are then introduced, one at a time, and slowly turned to draw the plates apart. The nipple stretches forward.....

Tit Clamp Wolf

Forged, strong design (there is a series of more simple and cheaper examples on the market). Wolf's clamps are particularly well-suited for intensive nipple treatment. But, due to their good quality, they can also be perfectly used on other parts of the body.

5x adjustable, Wolf's nipple clamp is just right for experienced T/T-specialists as well as for beginning with nipple games on the lowest locking level.

Our new clamp was equipped with two protection caps of black rubber.

Dimensions: handy size of approx. 17 cm with good proportions!

Key Clasp Tit Clamps

besonders massive Brustklammern. Verstellbar. Mit Kette und angearbeitetem Doppelkarabiner zum Anhängen von Gewichten, Führungsketten etc.


Black Ring Tit Clamps

The very last one! - 20 %

Alligator schwarz

verstellbare Brustklammern mit Kette, Klemmfläche mit abnehmbarer Gummiauflage, schwarz


Mawa Poly Clips


Twist and Suck